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Will Hamilton

Will Hamilton:

Will Hamilton and his family started coming to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - St. Croix (Courage Kenny St. Croix) when he was only five or six years old to try out the warm-water therapy pool and see if it was a safer option for him to exercise and build strength. He's continued to come back ever since, still working out in the pool once a week.

It wasn't just the water that allowed Hamilton to move more freely and get stronger that kept him coming back, but it was also the staff and the welcoming environment that he felt at Courage Kenny St. Croix.

"I think the staff are very welcoming and respectful. That's one of the most important things I've got from coming here. They never make you feel like you're excluded, or different."

Through the years of workouts at Courage Kenny St. Croix, Hamilton not only found his body getting stronger, but his confidence as well. It changed his perspective on his life.

"I used to feel so stuck in what I can't do, but the people at Courage Kenny really taught me to understand myself and become more independent," said Hamilton. "As the exercise made me stronger, it boosted my confidence and I started looking forward to my future. I really appreciate Courage Kenny for that."

In addition to exercising in St. Croix, Hamilton was introduced to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's Wheelchair Track & Field program in 2014 and he was instantly hooked. One of his life goals is to become a part of Team USA as a wheelchair athlete and hopefully compete in the Paralympic Games in 2020.

When he isn't working out and training for the Paralympics, Hamilton attends St. Paul College in the Sport & Exercise Science program.