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Add a Donation Imprint

Make a donation to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and we'll print this message inside your Courage Kenny Cards:

"A donation has been given to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute with you in mind. This gift supports life-enriching services for people with disabilities."

Consider a Donation Imprint on your cards.
Make a donation today!

A donation imprint is available for donations of $500, $750, or $1000. If you would like to donate more, please contact Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at https://donate.allina.com/foundation-web-sites/ckf/courage-kenny-cards-imprint or call 1-763-520-0542.

To order a donation imprint on your holiday cards, please choose the Donation Imprint option from the drop down box on the product page of your card choice. You will be given instructions at checkout about how to complete your donation pledge, as the donation process is separate from the card-ordering process.

Thank you for your support of Courage Kenny Cards and Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute!