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Clara Carlin

Clara: Spreading Joy and Overcoming Challenges with Courage Kenny

Meet Clara, a fun-loving, smart, and outgoing seven-year-old girl with an irresistible smile that lights up any room. Clara is a natural in front of the camera, and she believes, "My job is to smile and make everybody happy!"

Clara's journey began even before she was born. At 26 weeks pregnant, her mother, Nicole, underwent a groundbreaking fetal spinal bifida surgery - the very first of its kind in Minnesota. Nicole and Clara's surgery took place at the Midwest Fetal Care Center, a collaboration between Children's Minnesota and Allina Health.

At just two months old, Clara began physical therapy at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, and the impact was profound. It allowed Clara to develop her mobility and discover her potential, which now extends to athletics. At Courage Kenny, she actively participates in basketball and softball and eagerly looks forward to expanding her repertoire by trying tennis and swimming through the Sports and Recreation programs which are made possible by generous philanthropy. Courage Kenny has quickly become Clara's second home, where she is learning to thrive and grow alongside her peers.

With increased mobility and enhanced core strength, Clara fearlessly embraces life's childhood adventures. Courage Kenny has not only empowered Clara physically but has also provided her with a sense of belonging and the chance to be just like any other kid. Through the Sports and Recreation programs, Clara has the opportunity to continue growing into a spirited, active, and unstoppable young girl who continually redefines possibilities and radiates joy wherever she goes.