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Meet our Courage Kenny Card Artists

Jeanne Bonine
Jeanne Bonine, Phoenix, AZ. Jeanne is known as a Romantic Realist for her soft and lush floral paintings. Her larger than life watercolors and oils draw you into the essence of her subjects from exotic birds and garden wonders to the majesty of a single rose or the dreaminess of a desert skyscape. Over her 50 year span of creating, Jeanne has earned the integrity that comes with that of a successful and seasoned artist. Her award winning watercolors are executed masterfully with multiple layers of transparency using "Purist" techniques. In both her watercolors and oils, the detail of her subjects along with her fluid approach to washed backgrounds create a magical combination that speaks of passion, strength, and softness, while capturing the romance of timeless beauty. jeannebonine.com See Jeanne's Card!

Lisa Budd,West Creek, NJ. Lisa Budd's paintings have won numerous awards in national and international exhibitions. She has achieved Signature/Artist Membership at the Salmagundi Club, Allied Artists of America and Audubon Artists, Inc. in New York City and in the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, NJ Watercolor Society, and Garden State Watercolor Society. Her work revolves around capturing the strong light on a subject, balanced by rich, vibrant shadow colors. She works in oils and watercolors, striving to capture the atmosphere of the location while creating a sense of calm - be it a city scape or the rural bayside of New Jersey where she lives. See Lisa's Card!
Lisa Budd

Nancy Carney
Nancy Carney, Bluffton, SC. Nancy Patrick Carney's imaginatively stylized original paintings feature city-sea-and-land-scapes and the diversity of people who live in them. She works from Gallery G in the Northrup King Building in the historic arts district of northeast Minneapolis, and at Gallery G South in Bluffton, SC. Her images are colorful, quirky, playful expressions of 21st century life: bus stops, musicians, men and women and children at work and play. With an emphasis on design and expressive color, Carney's paintings in watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage and mixed media give visual form to the vitality and energy of modern life. Nancy has a degree in art education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She has worked as a commercial artist, package designer, illustrator and art teacher. Nancy exhibits regularly at Gallery G and with a variety of art organizations and fairs. Her paintings have received numerous honors and awards and hang in personal and corporate collections. www.nancycarney.com See Nancy's Card!

Dick Close, Cincinnati OH. A graphic designer and illustrator, Dick also enjoys the spontaneity of watercolor painting. His work elevates the status of everyday objects through the use of heroic composition, dramatic shadows and rich colors. There is irony and even humor in the earnest renderings of peppermints, sour balls and gummy bears. Dick has exhibited his work in art fairs in across the Midwest. Dick is also an award-winning freelance brand design consultant. www.dickclose.com See Dick's Card!
Dick Close

Andrew Evansen
Andy Evansen, Vermillion, MN. Andy began painting watercolors in the mid 1990's, and is largely self-taught. "I strive for a convincing portrayal of the landscape, with an impressionistic touch." Andy recently won an international competition for his artwork, and he has a featured article in American Artist's Watercolor magazine. www.evansenartstudio.com See Andy's Card!

Lisa Fertig, Arden Hills MN. Lisa Fertig grew up in Duluth, where she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and the changing of seasons. Lisa received formal training in the Fine Arts Program at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois with further study at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis. She has belonged to many art groups and served as Workshop Chair of the Northstar Watercolor Society in the Twin Cities. Lisa works in watercolor, acrylics, and oils and has produced a substantial body of work in a number of categories including landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts. Her art is shown in galleries throughout Minnesota, and has received awards in competitions, and is held by numerous private collections, businesses, and corporations. Commissions, teaching, participation in art fairs, and gallery representation keeps her enthusiastic about painting. See Lisa's Card!
Lisa Fertig

Susan Fink
Susan Fink, St. Louis Park, MN. Always a lover of the outdoors, Susan expresses her appreciation of nature through her watercolor paintings. Prior to her spinal cord injury, Susan enjoyed participating in outdoor recreation with her family and friends. Today, she enjoys connecting with nature through her water paintings. "Art reminds me that there are things you can't control, and sometimes it's the surprises that give the most pleasure." See Susan's Card!

Patty Glumack, Waconia, MN. Patty is primarily a self-taught artist whose desire to create came out of a journey through cancer. "Prolonged illness brings with it a sense of loss; loss of control, loss of normalcy, loss of self. Life as you know it changes." It also brings clarity and the time to slow down and focus on God and the joy and beauty of His creation. Starting with charcoal, she quickly moved on to pastels and colored pencil and now works in watercolor, acrylic and photography, as well. She continues to grow and explore and each day appreciates the opportunity to create in ways that bring joy to others and give glory to God. See Patty's Card!
Patty Glumack

Jean Haefele
Jean Haefele, Chaska, MN. Jean has been creating art since she could pick up a crayon, and has been pursuing art-making full time for most of her adult life. She received her B.S. in art from Iowa State University, and has taught art for the secondary level, adult education, art center and private lesson. Jean works in a variety of media including: mixed-media painting and collage, assemblage, watercolors, and found-object jewelry. Jean says, "My favorite part of being an artist is that it allows me to escape easily to a magical place. Being a bit eccentric is readily accepted. I do not have to set aside my inner child... every day is a surprise!" Texture and color are her favorite elements, and most days you can find Jean in her home studio working on her art from early morning to late afternoon - following her passion. See Jean's Card!

LouAnn Hoppe, White Bear Lake, MN. LouAnn is an accomplished artist who can get lost for hours in a variety of mediums. Watercolors, acrylics, photography and fabric arts are her current passions often capturing nature in the beautiful state of Minnesota as well as other destinations. Water, rocks, trees, flowers and birds are consistent subjects. She has had displays in art galleries and shows and has artwork in private and public collections. LouAnn Hoppe is past-president of NorthStar Water media Society, and is a member of Minnesota Watercolor Society. She has twice been chair of an art show/sale involving 100 artists and is currently chair of an extensive exhibition in Minneapolis. She has been married to husband, Del, for 50 years, is mother of two and grandmother of two. Creating weighted blankets for people with autism has become a recent mission. Traveling, gardening, reading, golf and water sports keep her active. See LouAnn's Card!
LouAnn Hoppe

Tina Kabage
Tina Kabage, Oak Grove, MN. Tina has been creating art since childhood and painting for most of adult life. She earned her degree in Art & Design, receiving Presidential Commendation for academic excellence. In 2007, she was infected with Lyme disease. Having been undiagnosed for a great length of time, she developed third stage Lyme. Although the illness was treated aggressively, she is challenged with irreversible nerve damage and relapses of neurological symptoms. Art is Tina's love for life, and has become necessary for survival. "I follow my passion in life, in return it gives me life". Her talents cross multiple mediums including painting fine art, photography, and colored pencil. The ability to create, display and sell her work allows her to heal, feel successful, and given her a new identity in life! See Tina's Card!

John Keeling, Kansas City, MO. Ever since I was a small child in Salina, Kansas, I've loved to paint and record what I find beautiful in life. I earned a BFA in Visual Communication from The University of Kansas. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, I enjoyed a career with Hallmark Cards for over twenty-five years. I am currently the Creative Director at Trapp and Company. Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, playing the piano and spending time with my family, including our three beagles. I'm continually inspired by my garden and love painting floral subject matter, ranging from traditional botanical illustrations to looser, more expressive stylings. I also enjoy painting animals and have a custom pet portrait business. www.johnkeelingpaintings.com See John's Card!
John Keeling

Joy Keown
Joy Keown, Laramie WY. Joy is a signature member of the Wyoming Watercolor Society and the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia association, working in transparent watercolor for more that forty years. Her work has been juried into regional and national shows and has won many awards. The Nicolaysen Art Museum featured her work in a solo show this past January. She was selected as an artist in residence in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2013, and her work is found in public and private collections including the National Park Service and the State of Wyoming. Joy has always been inspired by the beauty and wonders of nature, leading her to make conservation the focus of her work. www.joykeown.com See Joy's Card!

Pat King, Pat's thirty year career has been built around art. In addition to being an elementary school art teacher she is also an award winning watercolorist. Growing up in Northern Illinois, she has always been drawn towards painting forests, flowers and landscapes. Through her travels, she was inspired to paint mountains, lighthouses and shorelines. Her love of nature is strongly represented by using light, textures and shapes to create dramatic and unique cityscapes and landscapes. Pat's goal in creating a painting is to give the viewer as much pleasure as she had when she painted it. www.patkingswatercolors.com See Pat's Card!
Pat King

Kairong Liu
Kairong Liu, Eagan, MN, was born in China and came to the United States when he was twenty-three years old. He received his M.F.A. degree from the University of South Dakota. Since then, his art has been in many shows and collections throughout the Midwest. Kairong says beauty can be found in the most unexpected places and he tries to reveal that in his work. "My paintings are my feelings and appreciation of what I see. I like to paint things that are very ordinary but beautiful in an artistic way." www.kairongart.com See Kairong's Card!

Jan Lucking, Vancouver, WA. "Having been introduced to art at an early age by my mother, I've been drawing and creating art for most of my life. During my journey through the art world, I've truly enjoyed the various challenges encountered while learning both basic and advanced techniques in a variety of art classes: pencils, acrylics, pastel and water color. As a result of this experience, my horizon continues to expand. As a fine-artist, one amongst the many, I endeavor to stand out by using imaginatively conceptualized and realistically portrayed subject matter, created with the technical experience gained in a lifetime of drawing, painting and composition. By mixing my media, I increase my flexibility to illustrate a story. Craft, composition, creativity and content are my guides in creating art. Art is a field where there are few limitations of media or subject matter, whether it's capturing the peaceful calm of a still-life or depicting the abstract tension in a political opinion. I relish the freedom of letting my imagination run unbridled to create images that express a mood or provoke dialogue." See Jan's Card!
Jan Lucking

Rachel Malone
Rachel Malone, Slayton, MN. Rachel is a vibrant young woman with Spina Bifida who has a keen eye for photography and love of travel. Rachel has a photography degree from Central Lakes College. The Minnesota native has never let her disability get in the way and has traveled to more than 13 countries, advocating for disability civil rights and works closely with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) related programs in her community. Malone is by nature a very curious person, and is continually exploring, researching and discovering the world around her. See Rachel's Card!

Joe Mamer, Minneapolis, MN. Joe is a Minnesota based photographer and artist specializing in landscapes, nature, and cityscapes. Combining his love for the outdoors and passion for photography, Joe creates dynamic images that bring out the often overlooked beauty in simple everyday locations. Since making his first image more than 30 years ago, Joe has learned his craft through formal education, professional work, and hands-on experience. Joe's images have been published worldwide in a variety of media. Continually excited to photograph the beauty of life, Joe is motivated by the grandeur of nature, the beauty of the everyday environment, and the rich hue of life. His objective is to create photographs that bring an original perspective to the world around us. See Joe's Card!
Joe Mamer

Christine Meany
Christine Meany, Raleigh, NC. Christy is a self-taught watercolor artist who credits her father for her passion for art. He was an accomplished artists who inspired and encouraged her to dream that anything is possible. Christine's true joy in live comes from being a mother to her three daughters and grandchildren. She has shared her talents with Courage Kenny for many years having several Courage Kenny Cards. Today, Christy works full time as a commercial insurance account manager and a freelance watercolor artist in her spare time. She also loves to travel, often following the PGA claiming she is an "avid golf stalker"! See Christine's Card!

Hal Moran, St. Louis, MO. Hal's aim is to "make images that matter. "When I capture and image, I'm really capturing the metaphors and untold hidden stories in creation that are often missed by casual observation. Why does that matter to me? I grew up with and still struggle with Tourette syndrome, ADD, and dyslexia. That makes the visual world around me of great importance. Seeing is how I learn. And, visually is how I choose communicate. With photography as my medium I focus on the nature of light and its various properties along with a wide array of subject matter. This has given me a diverse body of images. My artwork is open to interpretation with the hope of leaving the viewer with a bit of mystery." Hal has exhibited nationally and internationally while receiving various award. He and his wife, Kathleen, are lifelong residents of Missouri. www.halmoran.com See Hal's Card!
Hal Moran

Heidi Nelson
Heidi Nelson, St. Paul, MN. "Currently obsessed" is how Heidi Nelson describes her passion for transparent watercolor. "Awesomely fluid" is how she describes the way each pigment flows in the water then settles according to its own unique personality. "Sparklingly transparent" is how she describes the way traditional watercolor paper glows through the layers, illuminating the rich colors she builds. www.heidisite.com See Heidi's Card!

Renee Peterson, Arvada CO. I paint because the connection I feel to what I am painting - people, animals, landscapes or still life - thrills and nourishes me. I feel joy when I can communicate this to others so they are able to see and feel what I have seen and felt. I began painting in my late teens. I studied fine art and commercial art at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Colorado, and Rocky Mountain School of Art. I worked as a graphic artist and illustrator at the Boulder Daily Camera before working independently as a commercial illustrator for more than twenty years. A few years ago I was able to get back to what I enjoy most of all - painting! reneepetersonart.com See Renee's Card!
Renee Peterson

Jeff Pittman
Jeff Pittman, Fletcher, NC. Originally from Greenville NC, Jeff grew up observing his father paint rural and coastal scenes of Eastern NC. Now, the self-taught artist resides near Asheville and has been painting in the area for over a decade now. After studying engineering and then earning a degree in music, Jeff returned to North Carolina and began his journey into visual arts. He primarily works in oils because of the luminous colors he can achieve in this medium. "In my paintings, I strive to capture my subject in bold, expressive colors that represent the views of Western North Carolina as I see them. I particularly enjoy the play of light against the buildings, and the ever changing color in the skies and mountain ridges that surround us. My goal is not to present my art as realistic, but rather to cast a unique light on my subject as I commit it to canvas to share with others." www.jeffpittman.com See Jeff's Card!

Robyn Priest, Elizabethtown NC. My love for creating art and encouraging others to enjoy more of life through the visual arts has been my life calling. Working as an elementary art teacher for over 15 years has given me the opportunity to share my love for art making. My art has an energized texture that goes beyond real life. Mixing mediums to capture the exact essence of my subjects is always a delight for me as an artist. I hope others feel the joy and sense of love that goes into each brush stroke. Forever growing as an artist I hope to bring a positive light to everything beautiful God has created. See Robyn's Card!
Robyn Priest

David Rickert
David Rickert, Carlsbad, CA. David Rickert has won several national awards and is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, past-President of the Minnesota Watercolor Society, and was featured in a 6-page article in The Artist magazine. He is accomplished in oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor and is at home with both impressionistic and abstract styles. Recently he has been active in plein air events, and is currently painting along the California coast near his home of Carlsbad. He welcomes commissions of any kind and is available to teach workshops anywhere in the USA or abroad. of any kind and is available to teach workshops anywhere in the USA or abroad. davidrickertart.com See David's Card!

Deborah K. Ronglien, Eden Prarie, MN. Deborah is a professional artist who paints in several styles from realism to abstraction. After earning her B.A. in Fine Art, she found watercolor and collage to be her true passion. "I love the luminosity and fluidity of watercolor." Nature is her constant source of inspiration. "I enjoy recording the beauty of nature through my paintings-it's the bridge that connects us all." She especially enjoys creating custom pieces for her clients. "I love the collaborative process- creating Fine Art Memories." See Deborah's Card!
Deborah K. Ronglien

Deanna Schnaidt
Deanna Schnaidt, Thornton, CO. "Always the student, I hope to capture a fleeting moment, to express an emotion, to feel fulfilled through the loveliness of sketching and painting. I am able to explore the corners of my imagination sitting quietly at my easel. I have had severe rheumatoid arthritis for about 35 years. Fortunately, I have had great medical care, and I am able to not only function day to day but to express my passion through painting and various other art mediums. I do not take my present abilities for granted. Every day is a good day when I am able to participate in it!" See Deanna's Card!

Susan Solomon, St. Paul, MN. "I am a freelance paintress living in Saint Paul. My formal education was at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the first and oldest art school in the country. Primarily a landscape painter, I paint wherever my current surroundings may be. I also love working with poets, painting their words and creating small books. Lately I have been involved with the Healing Arts programs at some local hospitals. I will never run out of scenes to paint, and if people say they'd like to enter one of my paintings, I feel I have succeeded." susansolomonpaintings.com See Susan's Card!
Susan Solomon

Gail Speckmann
Gail Speckmann, Gail is an international award-winning watercolor artist, instructor, writer, and judge. In 2014 Gail received the top award in the Northstar Watermedia Society's. In 2012 she won a juried award in the San Diego Watercolor Society's International Exhibition. Gail is a signature member of Watercolor West, a national transparent watercolor society. She has received over 100 awards, including top awards at the Minnesota State Fair Art Show and also has judged the watermedia category for that event. She is the recipient of two prestigious Grumbacher awards among other honors.Gail has a B.A. in Fine Art from Gustavus Adolphus College. Her book Wet-into-Wet Watercolor is considered one of the most definitive instructions in this technique. Her classes have been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada. www.gailspeckmann.com See Gail's Card!

David Spohn, Lindstrom, MN. Through books and fine art prints, my goal has been to honor the quiet beauty and small spaces in our natural world, and the simple yet rich stories that make our world a better place to live. My themes have always come from nature. Whether drawing in pencil, ink or making etchings, my work has always involved print, either through books or intaglio printmaking. The common thread is that art for books and art as printmaking both involve drawing at the heart of the matter, and both involve art that is to be shared. quarryroadpress.com See David's Card!
David Spohn

Gail Vass
Gail Vass, Maple Plain, MN. A "Glad heart with a good theme" is how Gail likes to describe her watercolor paintings. At five years old she made the bold statement, "I'm going to be an artist!" And while growing up in Golden Valley, Minnesota, she began carrying out her love of art by drawing and making her own greeting cards for family and friends. At every occasion, sharing her heart with love, fun and a bit of humor on a personal note, she continues designing cards to this day! After college, she spent many years working in advertising and since began fine art painting using watercolor. "It is a flowing medium that is 'alive' with water, "she says. "Its qualities bring out movement and life in the birds, animals and flowers in my gardens as well as the country landscapes around my home with a soft atmospheric effect." She joined the Minnesota Watercolor Society in 2011 and won Best of Show in the juried spring exhibition for her painting. She quickly became a signature member the following year and has won other top awards, sold numerous originals and prints nationally and internationally for private and commercial venues. She does not like to glory in herself, but to the One above who gave her the gifts to use. She hopes everyone who views her work will be uplifted with a glad heart while unlocking the hidden message behind them. www.GladArt.net See Gail's Card!

Allen Zumach, St. Paul, MN. The seed of photography was planted in Allen's life during his late 20's. It grew into a desire to grasp the essence of a scene and tell visual stories. Retirement now allows Allen to pursue his passion for photography - along with many of life's other possibilities - more often. As a photographer, he is intrigued with capturing a city's character. "Dusk is my favorite time of day. It's a delight to watch the city in just 30 minutes get painted with new colors. I feel driven to capture what my mind sees." www.zumach.net See Allen's Card!
Allen Zumach

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