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Dillon Borowicz: Moving forward with ABLE

Dillon Borowicz
In the summer of 2012, Dillon Borowicz dove into his family's pool; but unlike the hundreds of times he'd done this before, this time he struck the pool's bottom and had to be pulled out by his brother. Formerly an athlete in football and lacrosse, Dillon became paralyzed from the neck down and began therapy as an inpatient at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Dillon tackled his therapy with perseverance, doing whatever it took to improve. At Courage Kenny, he participates in ABLE, the Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise program, which is an innovative approach to exercise for people with paralysis. Dillon's health, fitness and strength have improved through the ABLE program. He returned to school and graduated with his high school class. Today he is a student at the University of Minnesota working to complete a Business and Marketing Education degree. Through Courage Kenny, Dillon found a new way to exercise, be challenged and succeed.