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Meet our Courage Kenny Card Artists

Julie Allen, Minnetrista, MN. Julie is a signature member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and has over 30 years of experience working in the medium of transparent watercolor. Her juried work has been exhibited in local galleries through out Minnesota winning numerous awards and honors. Private and corporate collectors through out North America have purchased many of her original paintings along with limited eidtions of her Giclee prints. Julie can be reached at her studio where she paints and teaches private classes. "I adore the medium of watercolor. It is the only medium that allows me to glaze on many layers of color and still reflect beautiful light. It has no limits in terms of subject, mood or color." www.watercolrsbyjulieallen.com See Julie's Card!
Julie Allen

Julie Basche
Julie Basche, Brooklyn Center, MN. Raised in southwestern Minnesota, the middle of seven children, Julie enjoyed arts and crafts while growing up. When she was high school age, her Dad bought her one black and one brown fine lined felt tipped markers to use for her drawings. These simple gifts along with encouragement from her Dad and the rest of her family started her art journey. Julie's background includes a degree in Commercial Art, various workshops and longtime memberships to The Northstar Watercolor Society and The MN Watercolor Society. A strong connection to the beauty that surrounds us influences her paintings, especially landscapes; however she enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects. See Julie's Card!

Merry Kohn Buvia, Monterey, CA. As a daughter of a military officer, Merry grew up traveling the world over with her family. Her many experiences abroad stirred her creative side and she began painting at an early age. The influences of her travels through Europe, the Orient and the United States are evident in her work. Collected internationally, Merry's work has been shown across the United States, Japan and Korea. She has also produced puzzles, calendars, mugs, greeting cards and other items. The happiness of childhood is recaptured in every canvas. Not one person's particular childhood, but an archetypal, idealized childhood in which we collectively share. One critic once wrote, "The feelings evoked are those of the pictures of old story books: a trace of déjá vu, of daydreaming on a golden afternoon as the shadows lengthen." When asked what motivates Merry to paint the way she does, she says she keeps the child inside her alive in her paintings. www.merrykohn.com See Merry's Card!
Merry Kohn Buvia

Lauri Waterfield Callison
Lauri Waterfield Callison, Martinsville, VA. A self-taught artist, Lauri was a successful Textile Designer for over twenty years, creating artwork for a range of clients. Formerly a professional fly fishing guide & Captain of the "Remington Girls" sporting clays team for Remington Arms, Lauri's deep love of the outdoors shines through her work in every landscape and each wildlife scene that she paints. Her artwork hangs in several galleries and corporate collections across the nation and abroad and has raised funds for several charitable organizations. "I particularly love the medium of oils for their richness and luminosity of color. My aim with my art is to share nature's beauty & power with the viewer- if I can bring you along on a sunny day in the mountains or portray the soft swish of a wingbeat through the morning mist, then I am truly honored!" www.TheLittleGallerySML.com and www.SeasideArt.com See Lauri's Card!

Roger Dullinger, Sartell,MN. Roger began oil painting in the early 1980's, and is largely self-taught. He has completed numerous commissions for charitable organizations as well as businesses and personal clients and is a member of Oil Painters of America. Roger has a deep appreciation for nature that comes through in his paintings. "My goal is to create art that reveals my vision and inspires others," states the artist. "There is beauty and wonder all around us and I strive to call attention to it through my work." In addition to fine art, Roger has an outlet for his creativity through photography and a career in marketing and graphic design. See Roger's Card!
Roger Dullinger

Andrew Evansen
Andrew Evansen, Vermillion, MN. Andy began painting watercolors in the mid 1990's, and is largely self-taught. "I strive for a convincing portrayal of the landscape, with an impressionistic touch." Andy recently won an international competition for his artwork, and he has a featured article in American Artist's Watercolor magazine. www.andyevansen.com See Andrew's Card!

Lisa Fertig, Arden Hills MN. Lisa Fertig grew up in Duluth, where she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and the changing of seasons. Lisa received formal training in the Fine Arts Program at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois with further study at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis. She has belonged to many art groups and served as Workshop Chair of the Northstar Watercolor Society in the Twin Cities. Lisa works in watercolor, acrylics, and oils and has produced a substantial body of work in a number of categories including landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts. Her art is shown in galleries throughout Minnesota, and has received awards in competitions, and is held by numerous private collections, businesses, and corporations. Commissions, teaching, participation in art fairs, and gallery representation keeps her enthusiastic about painting. See Lisa's Card!
Lisa Fertig

Susan Fink
Susan Fink, St. Louis Park, MN. Always a lover of the outdoors, Susan expresses her appreciation of nature through her watercolor paintings. Prior to her spinal cord injury, Susan enjoyed participating in outdoor recreation with her family and friends. Today, she enjoys connecting with nature through her water paintings. "Art reminds me that there are things you can't control, and sometimes it's the surprises that give the most pleasure." See Susan's Card!

Linda Frankenstein, St. Louis Park, MN. Linda received her BA in Studio Arts at the University of Minnesota. She has worked as an artist for over 30 years. She is always working to enhance her skill and expand her artistic perspective. She recently added surface design to her skill set which she acquired at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Linda's goal as a painter is to make joyful art. Linda says, "I want my art to give people a lift and make them smile." Her paintings are always filled with bright vibrant colors, whimsical themes and her unique lighthearted motifs. Linda has Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is a degenerative eye disease. This disease has demanded that she adapt her technique and limit the length of time that she works on each piece. She has been successful at developing strategies to accommodate her changing eyesight. She plans on making joy filled art for at least another 30 years. See Linda's card See Linda's Card!
Linda Frankenstein

Margaret Freed
Margaret Freed, Wooster, OH. Margaret has worked in the children's book and educational markets for more than twenty years. She has several notable clients and her work has appeared in national publications. Her images are created in a variety of media, including oil, watercolor, pencil, and digital. Animals are among her favorite subjects. Margaret's background includes degrees in Illustration from The University of the Arts, Syracuse University, and The University of Hartford. "I've always been drawn to narrative painting. I try to tell a story of some sort with every picture I create." Margaret enjoys painting outdoors and spending time on her family's farm in Ohio. www.margaretfreed.com See Margaret's Card!

Suzanne Galloway, Plymouth, MN. The natural world is my sanctuary. I am alternately regenerated and humbled by Nature's profound beauty, her complexity and her ruthlessness; in my art, I seek to pay homage to this power by interpreting my glimpse into our natural world. Graphite and watercolor are my mediums of choice: I have traded the traditional yellow school pencil for a mechanical instrument that provides me precision in neutral tones; and watercolor paint allows me the freedom to move between juicy wet washes and tightly refined color. To me, producing good botanical art is learning to "see" my subject and then using artistic skills to translate that vision two-dimensionally. My greatest teacher has been Nature itself. I've drawn and painted my entire life, majored in art in college, took 30 years for a business career in merchandising, owned my own art gallery, studied under several nationally acclaimed artists, and currently teach at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts at the Madeline Island School for Art. www.birchbriarstudios.com See Suz's Card!
Suz Galloway

Susan Garrett
Susan Garrett, Canton, MI. As a young girl, Susan dreamed of being an elementary school art teacher, but as her senior year of high school approached, she opted to work in the medial field with the hopes of job security. Her love for art never waned, and as an adult Susan decided to take a watercolor class through her local adult education and became hooked. Today, Susan loves the freshness of watercolor, and the watery spontaneous blending of color and the variety of techniques she can use. Susan also enjoys taking workshops to continue learning from wonderful and generous professional watercolorists whose art she admires. See Susan's card!

Kathy Glasnap, Fish Creek, WI. Peaceful serenity captures the mood and tone of many of Kathy's watercolors. Her unique style of painting combines a traditional form with an impressionistic flair. Kathy is self-taught and has enjoyed a career as a professional artist for over 34 years. "My palette has become more colorful since I moved to Door County", states Kathy who appreciates living amidst the natural beauty that has so influenced her work. www.glasnapgallery.com See Kathy's Card!
Kathy Glasnap

Vera Graham
Vera Graham, Kingsville, ON. Vera is a plein air painter undeterred by the bitter cold winters of Canada to capture a landscape. She typically works in acrylic on board and loves to add figures to her work. "When I'm in the field, I scan the environment, selecting elements and assembling shapes to create a quick value image with an engaging composition. Later, in the warmth of my studio, I will complete the work with carefully chosen colors and a variety of tools to enhance its texture." Vera believes being self-taught allowed her to learn about herself and to carefully guide the direction of her art. Maintaining her passion to exalt realism, she continues on her journey to bring harmony and tranquility to her work. Vera Graham has exhibited internationally and she has received awards for her artwork. www.veragraham.com See Vera's card!

Jean Haefele, Chaska, MN. Jean has been creating art since she could pick up a crayon, and has been pursuing art-making full time for most of her adult life. She received her B.S. in art from Iowa State University, and has taught art for the secondary level, adult education, art center and private lesson. Jean works in a variety of media including: mixed-media painting and collage, assemblage, watercolors, and found-object jewelry. Jean says, "My favorite part of being an artist is that it allows me to escape easily to a magical place. Being a bit eccentric is readily accepted. I do not have to set aside my inner child... every day is a surprise!" Texture and color are her favorite elements, and most days you can find Jean in her home studio working on her art from early morning to late afternoon - following her passion. See Jean's Card!
Jean Haefele

Dawn Hawks
Dawn Hawks, Priest River, ID. Dawn Hawks is a self-taught artist. She has been teaching art to others since sixteen years old. She continues to teach art to both children and adults. "When one creates they touch the very pulse of the eternal." Her art has received awards and is in many private collections. It is her utmost hope that her art touches the hearts of others. She has also created a musical marionette theatre, teaches violin, is a photographer, and writer. See Dawn's Card!

Christine Helton, Portland, OR. Chris was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area, received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, a Masters of Teaching with an Art Endorsement from Lewis and Clark College, and a Certificate of Illustration and Design from the Art Museum School (now PNCA) in Portland, Oregon. She taught for thirty years, then retired to do art full time, and recently joined the Portland Art Museum as a Docent. Her medium varies from watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil. Her subjects are wide ranged including, city scenes, nature, people and still-life. "I try to keep my work light-hearted, narrative, sometimes humorous, but always meaningful. All in all, I want my compositions to be enjoyed and spark with emotion." See Christine's Card!
Christine Helton

LouAnn Hoppe, White Bear Lake, MN. LouAnn Hoppe has worked in a variety of mediums. Watercolors, acrylics and photography are her current passions. Her work reflects her surroundings and nature in the beautiful state of Minnesota as well as visits to other destinations. She is especially interested in depicting the many colors reflected on snow and its shadows. She enjoys photographing the big picture of whole scenes and the fine details of nature in every season. These often become the subjects of paintings. LouAnn's art can be found in art galleries and private collections throughout the upper Midwest. She recently illustrated a children's picture book, and has provided artwork for other book covers. In the past, she has worked in oil painting, has been involved in creating costumes for community theater, has worked as an interior designer, and has also worked as a floral designer. LouAnn Hoppe is currently a member of the White Bear Lake Arts Council and is president of Northstar Watermedia Society. See LouAnn's Card!

Ted Johnson, Duluth, MN. A retired physician, Ted Johnson began painting almost 20 years ago. "... His understanding of color and appreciation of nature give him a depth that expands past his time creating art." Ted first gained his great admiration for the serene beauty of the northern landscape during his time spent in Maine before moving to Minnesota for his professional life in medicine. He has enjoyed time in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, sailing and skiing, and his paintings consistently reflect that appreciation. Ted has always been interested in art, and has taken advantage of the many opportunities to learn more. His work may be seen at his home studio and local galleries in Minnesota. "The peace and quiet of the boreal forest stands in contrast to our busy lives in urban settings, and people accustomed to the northern landscape often feel at home in the presence of birch groves. "Autumn Splendor" was created not only as an interpretation of the splendor of the northern woodland, but also as a tribute to the courageous beauty of the child bearing the Autumn name." See Ted's Card!
Ted Johnson

John Keeling
John Keeling, Kansas City, MO. Ever since I was a small child in Salina, Kansas, I've loved to paint and record what I find beautiful in life. I earned a BFA in Visual Communication from The University of Kansas. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, I enjoyed a career with Hallmark Cards for over twenty-five years. I am currently the Creative Director at Trapp and Company. Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, playing the piano and spending time with my family, including our three beagles. I'm continually inspired by my garden and love painting floral subject matter, ranging from traditional botanical illustrations to looser, more expressive stylings. I also enjoy painting animals and have a custom pet portrait business. www.johnkeelingpaintings.com See John's Card!

Mary Anne Kinane, St. Paul, MN. Mary Anne Kinane, a Midwesterner, is the oldest of 10 siblings and born in Chicago, Illinois. Mary Anne loved making paintings as a child, a student, and a young adult. She was serious when she told her parents that she would become an artist (age 12). Mary Anne's paintings and other artwork reflect her love of nature, outdoors, gardens, and landscapes. Mary Anne married, had two children, and kept making art. In the 80s Mary Anne sold and traveled throughout the Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and North Dakota), Canada, and the New England States to show and sell her work. Grain elevators, individual houses, churches, restaurants, are some of the custom architectural structures she drew in pen and ink or water color. Between the mid 80 s to 1999, she ran an art studio/gallery at Bandana Square in St Paul. Ms. Kinane now operates a private studio in St. Paul, Minnesota and teaches art through various community programs, public schools, or independently. See Mary Anne's Card!
Mary Anne Kinaine

Patricia King
Patricia King, Patricia's thirty year career has been built around art. In addition to being an elementary school art teacher she is also an award winning watercolorist. Growing up in Northern Illinois, she has always been drawn towards painting forests, flowers and landscapes. Through her travels, she was inspired to paint mountains, lighthouses and shorelines. Her love of nature is strongly represented by using light, textures and shapes to create dramatic and unique cityscapes and landscapes. Patricia's goal in creating a painting is to give the viewer as much pleasure as she had when she painted it. www.patkingswatercolors.com See Patricia's Card!

Cathy Kuczyhsik, Bloomsburg, PA. Cathy's love of photography dates back to the 1980's with her first camera. Using her film camera and a dark room, she was able to create award winning photographs. Now the digital age has given her even more opportunities to create a different type of art, one which uses a digital camera and computer software instead of a paint brush and paint. All of this would not be possible without the support of her family, her husband, two children, and the friends that have taught her so much along the way! See Cathy's Card!
Cathy Kuczyhsik

Maria Langell, Albany, NY. Maria is a Hungarian-born, naturalized citizen of the United States. Her love of art began at a very early age. Maria studied illustration in New York City, and made her career as a fashion illustrator and layout artist for newspaper advertising. Today, she is a free-lance artist and enjoys creating her unique art in the medium of cut-paper design. Maria enjoys cut-paper because she feels it gives traditional themes a colorful, happy, contemporary look. See Maria's Card!

Robert Lebron, (1928-2013), was a native of New York City. He delved into the arts at a very young age and began his formal studies at the New York High School of Music and Arts. After three years of study, with youthful impatience, he joined the armed services (under age). He soon found himself drawing cartoons for the local paper and quickly graduated to the animation department of the motion picture unit. Returning to New York, he attended the Arts Students League for five years, a prestigious arts school. Later, during an extensive stay in Spain ''to find himself,'' Lebron developed his personal painting technique. He possessed an incredible talent to render the buildings, the people in action, essentially the entire painting with the palette knife. He had a tremendous grasp of color and the ability to capture the essence of the moment. Lebron had a passion for painting street scenes of wonderful cities around the world. Each painting is full of life and actually tells its own story. See Robert's Card!
Robert Lebron

Kairong Liu
Kairong Liu, Eagan, MN, was born in China and came to the United States when he was twenty-three years old. He received his M.F.A. degree from the University of South Dakota. Since then, his art has been in many shows and collections throughout the Midwest. Kairong says beauty can be found in the most unexpected places and he tries to reveal that in his work. "My paintings are my feelings and appreciation of what I see. I like to paint things that are very ordinary but beautiful in an artistic way." www.kairongart.com See Kairong's Card!

Cindy Markowski, Wausau, WI. Cindy Markowski is well known for her unique style of wildlife painting. Cindy's work has received considerable publicity most notably at the Leigh Yawkey Art Museum's "Birds in Art". Wildlife is Cindy's specialty. Living in the woods of northern Wisconsin has supplied her with an unending supply of natural inspiration and backyard "models". The animals seem almost alive in her paintings. "...I spend more time on the details of the face, fur, and eyes of every creature I paint. The eyes of all my wildlife have a real life force glowing in them. It seems as if they look back at you." says Cindy, commenting on her work. Having painted since age fifteen has given her opportunities to paint in a variety of mediums, such as oils, acrylic, and watercolor. Often times she will work on several pieces at once, "I'm more stimulated when I work on three to five paintings at one time, rotating between them, looking at each with a new attitude. Some take years to finish. It's ok, I will paint for the rest of my life." See Cindy's Card!
Cindy Markowski

Christine Meany
Christine Meany, Southern Pines, NC. Christine is a mother of three young girls and a self-taught illustrator. Her father, an accomplished artist, inspired her love of the arts. Her family encouraged her to dream that anything is possible. Christine says, "The Peace Tree is a reminder of our need to maintain peace in our country, peace in our homes and peace in our lives." See Christine's Card!

David Price, Edina, MN. Dave retired from a career in operations management in manufacturing. Although he excelled in art classes in junior high, he didn't pursue art after that, but has always admired paintings. When he retired, he decided to take up water color painting as a hobby, thinking "if kids can paint with water colors, it couldn't be too hard". He quickly discovered water color painting is a difficult and challenging medium, but he enjoys exploring the many things that can be done with it. "When I retired, I told everyone I would paint my Christmas card every year, so every year the pressure is on to find a new idea." He says everyone enjoys his cards and looks forward to a new one every year. See David's Card!
David Price

Thomas Rebek
Thomas Rebek, Boston, MA. Thomas displays his love for cityscapes in his warm watercolors, sensitively depicting each scene. "Watercolor painting inspires me to explore color and form in a fresh way." When he paints, Thomas takes frequent breaks because scoliosis makes standing for long periods of time challenging. "My art reflects the human celebratory events of the city. I hope I convey each scene with a sense of allure, charm and fascination." Thomas would like to dedicate this card to his cousin, Donna Rebek, who lived for many years with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disease. www.thomasrebek.com See Thomas' Card!

Olive Reich, Olive studied painting at Mount Holyoke College and at Art Students League and Parsons School of Design. Her paintings are a harmonious blend of pastel colors over an irregular grid of rhythmic lines and forms. "I believe that the real purpose of art is the state of caring. I want to take those who look at my work away from the anxiety of worldly inputs and problems and give them some joy. I hope that I have been successful in this purpose." Olive has studios in Shelter Island Heights, NY and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY. www.oliveart.com See Olive's Card!
Olive Reich

David Rickert
David Rickert, Staples, MN. Following a career as an advertising designer/creative director, David Rickert became an award-winning painter and teacher in the Twin Cities area and president of the Minnesota Watercolor Society. He is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. See Davids' Card!

Deborah Ronglien, Deborah is a professional artist who paints in several styles from realism to abstraction. Despite a congenital degenerative spine disease, Deborah continues her artistic work with the help from a modified art studio. Watercolor and collage are her true passions. "I love the luminosity and fluidity of watercolor." Nature is her constant source of inspiration. "I enjoy recording the beauty of nature through my paintings - it's the bridge that connects us all." www.deborah-ronglien.artistwebsites.com See Deborah's Card!
Deborah Ronglien

Gail Speckmann
Gail Speckmann, Plymouth, MN. Gail Speckmann is an international award-winning watercolor artist, instructor, judge, and author. She had conducted classes throughout North America and several European countries. Gail's travel experiences have had a broadening influence on her painting. Her subject matter includes landscapes, florals, still life and abstracts. She is most recognized for her wet-into-wet technique, strong color, and composition. Gail's paintings and reproduction prints are hung throughout the country in both residential and business environments. She has her signature membership in Watercolor West, a national transparent watercolor society. She has judged several state and regional shows including Minnesota State Fair Art Exhibition among others. In recent years, Gail has written a considerable volume of poetry and has had work published in written form, in addition to public performances of her work on stage and as musical lyrics. www.gailspeckmann.com See Gail's Card!

Aremy Stewart, lives in the Netherlands with her partner and two small children. Originally from Minnesota, Aremy has an arts degree from St. Cloud State University. As an illustrator her focus is currently on children's book imagery and her original paintings have been featured in solo exhibits in Scotland, the Netherlands and the United States. Her work has also featured in Juno, and Duality magazine. Some of her goals for 2015 included learning some Italian and exploring many art museums with her kids. See Aremy's Card!
Aremy Stewart

DiAnne Tracy
DiAnne Tracy, Salem, MA. DiAnne is a self-taught watercolor artist who has been painting since she was in the fourth grade. Her favorite subjects are landscapes, then song birds and then flowers. For DiAnne, "I love being an artist because I can do it anywhere, anytime, forever. I follow my passion in life and it gives me life." From the many people that have purchased her paintings, she has had letters telling her how much joy or peace of pleasure they have while viewing them. See DiAnne's Card!

Gail Vass, Maple Plain, MN. A "Glad heart with a good theme" is how Gail likes to describe her watercolor paintings. At five years old she made the bold statement, "I'm going to be an artist!" And while growing up in Golden Valley, Minnesota, she began carrying out her love of art by drawing and making her own greeting cards for family and friends. At every occasion, sharing her heart with love, fun and a bit of humor on a personal note, she continues designing cards to this day! After college, she spent many years working in advertising and since began fine art painting using watercolor. "It is a flowing medium that is 'alive' with water, "she says. "Its qualities bring out movement and life in the birds, animals and flowers in my gardens as well as the country landscapes around my home with a soft atmospheric effect." She joined the Minnesota Watercolor Society in 2011 and won Best of Show in the juried spring exhibition for her painting. She quickly became a signature member the following year and has won other top awards, sold numerous originals and prints nationally and internationally for private and commercial venues. She does not like to glory in herself, but to the One above who gave her the gifts to use. She hopes everyone who views her work will be uplifted with a glad heart while unlocking the hidden message behind them. www.GladArt.net See Gail's Card!
Gail Vass

Margaret Werlinger
Margaret Werlinger, Sartell, MN. Margaret has been drawing and painting since she was very young. She attended Southwest State University in Marshall, MN and participated in many workshops and art classes. Her love for nature and its beauty provides the endless inspiration for her paintings. Margaret enjoys working with watercolor and taking license to make a painting interesting by moving elements and playing shadow against light. "Painting is an absolute joy for me. I love the artistic process: First the planning, then the drawing, and finally adding color. I love seeing people enjoy my work." See Margaret's Card!

Liz Chappie Zoller, Three Forks, MT. Liz is an award-winning contemporary western artist who uses light and color to create beautiful, tightly focused, "in the moment" oil paintings of the people, animals and landscapes sourced from her own Montana life. Her Pearl Snap Studio is located in a remote Missouri River valley north of Three Forks; she is a member of Mondial Art Academie in Aimargues, France; Southwest Montana Arts, and is a certified Coach for the Montana Arts Council's Artrepreneur Program. Her work can be viewed online at Mondial Art Academie and at FindArtMT.org. Liz has a BFA in Studio Art, and currently teaches for Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. www.LizChappieZoller.com See Liz's Card!
Liz Chappie Zoller

Allen Zumach
Allen Zumach, St. Paul, MN. The seed of photography was planted in Allen's life during his late 20's. It grew into a desire to grasp the essence of a scene and tell visual stories. Retirement now allows Allen to pursue his passion for photography full time. As a photographer, he is intrigued with capturing a city's character. "Dusk is my favorite time of day. It's a delight to watch the city in just 30 minutes get painted with new colors. I feel driven to capture what my mind sees." Allen displays his photographs and presents slideshows throughout the community. He also produces and sells photo notecards of the Twin Cities. www.zumach.net See Allen's Cards!

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