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Camden: Having fun with therapy

Last year, a trip to the doctor for what Camden's mom thought was a cough turned into a MRI test confirming he had Cavernous Malformation--leaking blood vessels that were causing bleeding on his brain stem. Camden underwent a successful 9-hour brain surgery, but due to the location of the bleed, he had to regain most of his gross and fine motor skills.

Cognitively, Camden didn't change a bit, but he has had to work to regain his independence. When he went home from the hospital he still could not crawl or walk. As soon as he began physical and occupational therapy at Courage Kenny Kids he started building his confidence and then made tremendous improvements. At first he was frustrated, but then he started to crawl and then walk on his own. Camden really worked hard to improve his balance and enjoyed the therapy sessions that were geared towards his interests. His mom says, "His therapists were great and came up with fun projects to help him practice his skills."

Now, just a little over one year later, Camden has returned to all things first grade: skating lessons, playing t-ball, swimming and riding his bike.